This shrine of remarkable beauty has reemerged amidst the quiet Jeseníky Forests over five years, thanks to the generosity of numerous donors.

Poutní kostel - Maria Hilf


Dear visitors,

You are visiting the pages on which we would like to acquaint you with the past and present of a place of pilgrimage, not far from Zlaté Hory in the Czech Republic, dedicated to 
Lady, Help of Christians and Protector of Life.

The pilgrim church, in the quiet forests near Zlaté Hory, is not only a traditional place of pilgrimage, but a memorial site to remind people all over the world they cannot be happy and will not live in peace if they do not protect and respect human life from its conception to natural death.
The respect for life is connected to the protection of nature that the Creator gave to man. Prayers for bringing the nations nearer to one another; for life in peace and mutual understanding, are said at this Pilgrimage Site.

Maria Hilf was built in the beginning of the 19th Century to honour the Virgin Mary. During the Totalitarian Regime, it was bulldozed. In 1995, it was rebuilt and revived - all that thanks to the prayers, deeds and gifts of the faithful, both in our country and abroad.



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